Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment - Is it Worth?

Toenail fungus a very ugly fungi that affects almost 25 million persons around America. The toenail fungus causes the toenail to be very hard and thick and turn yellow. If you've a fungus infection and you are thinking about different treatments, there are a few things to consider.

There's no flawless fix for toenail fungus. There are some oral medicines for toenail infection, like Lamisil, and these are said to treat the infection about 10 percent of the time. A new recent treatment for this fungus is the use of lasers. So far there were a few studies that show very promising conclusions. These lasers work from killing the fungus but also leaving the nail and other foot tissues un-damaged. Many big companies are looking to get in on the action.


How exactly do the lasers work? These lasers are aimed at the fungus in the toenail that basically vaporizes it while leaving your skin unharmed.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment - Is it Worth?

Does it work? Around first clinic studies earlier this year, almost 90 percent of the patients were able to grow out a regular appearing nail after just one laser treatment. After that treatment, the toenail should grow usually in one year if there's a healthy bed to do so. The success rate here is similar to the oral fungal pill.

Is the laser treatment Agonizing? Is it Safe? The laser has absolutely no affect on regular and healthy skin tissue, there's no pain. The studies taken so far show absolutely no side effects from taking the laser treatment to get rid of the fungus.

How long will it take? Only ten minutes are needed for treatment, per toe.

So... how safe is it? There are absolutely no health or age restrictions. In recent clinical studies there were no bad reactions, harm, ailments or side effects. As you might know, the ability to use the medication accessible today for treatment carries with it the possibility of kidney failure, lasers don't.

Will my insurance cover it? The laser treatment of for toenail fungus isn't covered by most insurance companies or plans as it's thought of as aesthetic. The cost can be anywhere from 0 to 0.

It's credited to your operation fee if you want to go forward with treatment. The treatment is usually a fee of . If your infection is resistant or if it is not responding to regular toenail growth, the nails might need the next laser treatment therapy. This sometimes happens when all of your toenails are extremely infected. You may need additional treatments in this case.

If the toenail lasers, which did recently finish small clinical trials really work, they will show a recent way to cure toenail infections by killing the fungi while keeping the toe whole and healthy.

Currently, there's no sure fix. The fungus are so smart that popular fungus pills, which move the risk of liver cause injury to, are totally successful under 50 percent of the time. And medications that you physically put on your toes work less than 10 percent of the time.

Drug companies like Schering-Plough are working on recent pills and ointments and lotions to fight the toenail fungus.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment - Is it Worth?

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